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Never lose a visitor again. Add our AI Assistant to your site and discover a new way to quickly grow your subscriber list.

  • Instant results: Interact, inquire, stay on site.
  • 💜 Effortless integration: Easy script installation.
  • 💡 Seamless experience: Engage, convert, build loyalty.
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Why Add a "Chat with Page" to My Site?

Transform your visitors' experience into a journey of discovery, turning each interaction into valuable revenue and growth opportunities.

Provide Answers

Search engines consider it a positive signal when users find answers to their queries on your site. You will nail it.

Increase Revenue

Users spend more time on your site, leading to more ad impressions, increased product visibility, and higher revenue.

Capture Leads

You can request users' email addresses to offer more information on the topics they are interested in, growing your user's list.


Offer a fulfilled experience
while increasing your revenue

25% off for the first 420 customers (20 left)

$ 19 /mo
  • ✔️ 10k Pageviews
  • ✔️ GPT 3.5 Turbo
  • ✔️ Subscribe Emails
  • ✔️ Answer Provision
  • ✔️ Webhooks/Zapier
  • ✔️ Easy Installation
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$ 49 /mo
  • ✔️ 100k Pageviews
  • ✔️ GPT 4 Turbo & Vision
  • ✔️ Image Recognition
  • ✔️ Subscribe Emails
  • ✔️ Answer Provision
  • ✔️ Webhooks/Zapier
  • ✔️ Easy Installation
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is it and how does it enhance my website?

Chat with Page is an AI assistant designed to improve user engagement on your site or ecommerce by adding a chat feature, which helps in answering visitor queries, increasing time spent on site, and potentially boosting revenue and subscriber count.

By embedding a small script on your site, Chat with Page displays a chat box that lets users interact with your content, ask questions, and receive detailed information on the topics they are interested in. We only use information publicly available, so no private data is stored or shared.

The key benefits of having a Chat with Page on your website include enhancing user experience, providing answers to user queries (positive for search engine rankings), capturing leads, and supporting revenue growth through improved engagement.

We offer a Starter plan at $19/month, including user engagement enhancement, revenue growth support, lead capturing, and a seamless user experience. A discount is currently available for the first few customers.

To get started, simply sign up for an account, choose a plan, and follow the instructions to embed the script on your website. You can then customize the chat box to match your site’s niche and start engaging with your visitors.

400 websites already growing with Chat with Page

They made their first subscribers, and some even increase by 3x their growth!

Boost your site, engage, grow

Captivate your visitors in an innovative way and convert them into subscribers or customers…

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